A downloadable mod for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Here is an updated version of my FULLY SETUP SERVER:


Minecraft Custom Map:Sky Block Survival 2-10 PLAYERS

!!v1.9.2 of Minecraft!!    !!NEW VERSIONS WILL NOT WORK!!

Published Aug 07, 2017
CategoryGame mod
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags3D Platformer, minecraft, minecraft-map, PvP

Install instructions

Download the map and go to the folder and tap unpack all and pleats it in your minecraft save folder Then start Minecraft and then the folder will be there


Sky Block Survival MULTIPLAYER.zip 3 MB


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does any one know how to get minecraft on computers from school on my computer someone answer quick

go to minecraft.net and get it

this is fun

loveislove thank you

babieyow123 thank you


i love the game

plz make minecraft free RealGames

I would like some feedback from you who have played my Map.  If you have any ideas you may want to leave a comment