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Here is  my C-Prison Server and B-Prison Server   FULLY SETUP SERVER


Here is  my Minecraft [9] [FULLY SETUP SERVER]


Minecraft Map: CITY v4.4

of Mienecraft  1.12.2

The buildings 

The Library of Congress: The most important library of America.   The Lincoln Memorial: A nice building containing the huge statue of Abraham Lincoln.  The White House: Guess we all know the White House, don't we?  The Willard Hotel: A nice expensive hotel. The grand owner of Milky Fresh  and Grandma's Delicious Cakes.  The U.S. Capitol: This is the most breath-taking building of the city. At sunset it looks amazing!  The Eisenhower Executive Office Building: This is one of the biggest office buildings of America. It's architecture is amazing!  The Washington Monument: One of the most important monuments of America, in the center of the city. 

Install instructions

Download the map and go to the folder and tap unpack all and pleats it in your minecraft save folder Then start Minecraft and then the folder will be there


CITY v.4.4.zip 80 MB
CITY v4.2.zip 68 MB
CITY v4.1.zip 70 MB

Development log


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really a Minecraft server




Hi I am new I am really a fan of Minecraft and plus this building look dope


I would like some feedback from you who have played my Map.  If you have any ideas you may want to leave a commen